A couple of years ago, I published a small volume of essays and notes on early links between the Bahá’í Faith and Ireland, titled Connections. The book consists of eight chapters of varying length, each dealing with one of these links and written by myself and others. These notes comprise the fruits of some original research, and the response has been very positive.

The aim of this website is to open this work up to whoever may be in some way interested. Hopefully someone may come across this work and in some small way be informed, enlightened or inspired.

I will post the material from the book as published, only making changes to accommodate the differences between an internet posting and the printed page. Should anyone desire such a thing, a print-ready version of the book in pdf format is available on request.

The artwork used in the title of this site is from a piece by Gerry O’Mahony, which was also used on the cover of the book.